Sunday, August 1, 2010


I'm leaving tomorrow.

Part of me refuses to believe it, but there are my suitcases, packed and sitting at the foot of my bed as proof that this journey is about to begin. It struck me tonight, that this is the last time for 3 1/2 months that I will sleep in my own bed, eat familiar cooking, be surrounded by my family and hear the wonderful voices of my people. Its a very big thought for me. I won't be here again for a long time.

Yet at the same moment, its wonderful. Tonight is the last time I need to wonder what Taiwan is going to be like. Its the last time I need to fret about how much I don't know, its the last time I need to count down the days till I leave. Its the last time I wonder what Taiwan looks like, what its smells like, what it feels like . . . For the last time I have no idea what will be in my next 3 1/2 months, because tomorrow, I'll know!

Tomorrow, I'll be there. Isn't that wonderful?


Merissa said...


yes. It is good. It is wonderful.

I love you Becca dear!!!

The Little Schausages said...

Hope you have a wonderful journey, I'm pretty much missing you already!

Chris said...

Thank you for volunteering at The Home. Give Lillian a hug and kiss for us each day, hope to see you soon!!

Chris & Amy

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