Friday, August 13, 2010

Random early morning notes . . .

  • I love evening devotions with the kids, especially when they sing songs I know and I can sing along (I of course sing along in English, which they think is pretty cool)
  • Sounds that are very common place here : a catchy dingle played by the garbage truck to let you know he's here (you have to dump your own trash in), a rooster crowing at every hour of the morning, a baby crying, children's laughter, mopeds driving back and forth, and geese in the backyard.
  • Yesterday we were able to go to the Cultural Centre for the morning and early afternoon (post coming later about that), had extra help with the babies for the rest of the day, and had a TV film crew spend the afternoon!
  • Nightly walks with Abby are pretty much the highlight of my day, that and getting out around 12 in the afternoon to bike around the lake, even when we get attacked my monster Praying Mantis!
  • Somedays I think the food is better than I thought it would  be, other days not so much. Very grateful for the plain boiled chicken we had for dinner last night.
  • Tonight we have the English service since we can't do it on Sunday morning when the babies are in bed. This is a lot less akward for me than some of the other girls, its a lot the same format as what our family does on Sunday mornings. 
  • My first official NT purchase was an icecream cone.
  • With exception of the heat, I really am loving Taiwan, more than I thought I would.
  • The older kids certainly make this place a lot more fun, I didn't expect that before I came. Its funny how I can come half-way around the world and kids are the same here, as they are at home. 
  • I've become a pro at changing diapers on my lap and multi-tasking. Currently I am rocking two babies as well as typing.
  • I am so excited for David to come here and show him around!


Merissa said...

Nice post! But I must ask, what is with that golden pig?

Cameron said...

how big are the praying mantis?

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