Thursday, July 21, 2011

Project 365 - Week 7

My camera has been taken a little bit of a (long) vacation. I ashamedly admit that while I have taken it with me on each one of my adventures this summer, it has spent most of its time sitting on a shelf, or camera bag. One trip that I did endevour to document was when I went to Vancouver Island with Jordan and David (and the kids!) for a week in June. They rented a gorgeous little cabin right on the ocean, we had a ton of fun!

{one} : Alien
Oops ... that should be Ayden. Except he looks like a little out of this world-ish in the far to large goggles! The house we stayed in had a variety of things the boys had never seen and were only to happy to put them to good use.

{two} : Schausages!
The whole crew. You might have to look a second time to find Hannah, but she is there! I took quite a few photos during the week, but funny how you rarely get 'every one' photos. This would be the only one :)

{three} : Calf
We visited a dairy farm one day, complete with a petting zoo. I would have taken this little fellow home, only David wasn't to keen on have a cow ride home with us. And I'm not sure what Byron would have thought had I had a cow in tow the next time I saw him .... So I wisely left the calf where he was :)

{four} : Ayden
He has this look down perfectly, and he loves to use it. He wasn't happy about me trying to take his picture, but I snapped anyway.

{five} : Alan and Ayden
Out looking for shells to bring home to Uncle Benj :)

{six} : Butchart Garden
Or the private boat launch and float plane harbour. It was a gorgeous little spot, a private little harbour right off the ocean.

{seven} : Proof
That I actually did get my feet wet while on the Island. I'm not much of a water person, but it was fun wandering the shores. We collected all sorts of interest specimens, I brought home a pail of shells and starfish for my poor land-locked family at home.

and while I haven't been using my camera the last little while, fortunately someone else has been!

 Its only 44 more days until the wedding!