Saturday, January 29, 2011

I am alive ...

...but if you know me, then of course you know this to be true. You would also know that I did not perish in Typhoon Megi even though my absence from blogdom might have suggested otherwise. While I was in Taiwan, I wrote and posted on the blog for the people back home, but now that I'm home (or in Edmonton anyways) I'm going to post for all those people who aren't where I am and have expressed an interest in what I am doing now.

For one, I've been told I'm spending far to much time with this guy, but I have to disagree ....

Two times a week I get to go to Sarah's house and take care of her little munchkins while she catches up on sleep as baby #4 (in the oven!) seems to make her extra tired. 

One of the biggest adjustments coming back to Canada was the wide open spaces, clean air, and snow! But its gorgeous and I love it! This year in Edmonton has been a major one for snowfall, and it just keeps coming.

Sarah and I keep ourselves busy too with updating our other blog on a regular basis, here : 

besides those things its hard to actually define what I do in a day and keep myself busy with. But usually it involves these people somehow ....

(and David too. He's just not as photogenic)

Its an adjustment being home, but wonderful too. Sometimes there are issues trying to figure out exactly where I fit back into the clan, and territorial issues with Rachel as she very handily took an the responsibilities I left. But because we're both mature, we get tt work these things out, usually by compromising and going shopping together ... She is headed to Salmon Arm on Monday to spend some time with Jordan, its a little interesting having the change. Instead of leaving her with my jobs, she is going and I have to do her work!