Monday, August 16, 2010

Taiwan National Arts Center

On Friday morning we were able to get out of the Home for a little break and visit the Taiwan National Arts Center (or the Cultural Center as everyone else calls it). Its a really, really neat venue and I can't wait to go back in a few months time with David. I don't even really know how to describe what exactly it is, but I think the general idea is to expose people to the cultural side (artistic) of Taiwan and the colourful heritage the country has. The biggest part of the outside center is shops, which have so many cool things. Each shop is unique and there isn't one that is remotely the same. Most of them are really unique too, with real quality stuff that is surprisingly cheap. A lot of the other stuff you can buy in Taiwan is not quality at all! But I know now when its time to buy souvenirs for people at home, that's where I will go!

A few pictures for your enjoyment. Sorry, but I really am not feeling very wordy today. . .

Abby, Kristie and myself at the beginning of the morning. It was 38 degrees that day,
by the end of it, we looked a lot more 'melted'.

Again, keep in mind the heat. These guys were doing some traditional story telling dance
with lots and lots of layers on.

Main street. . . both sides are lined with shops.

Back view of the cultural center.

This is right behind where the other picture was taken. Sortof like a little museum.

This wasn't my lunch . . . by this point I really wanted some 'American' food so instead I got  ....

but Chinese imitations of American food are almost worse than Chinese food. 
I won't need the bagel next time.

we found a Starbucks and that Carmel Java Chip Frappacino might have been the best 
thing I've ever had.

These are whistles, but they make some beautiful music and you can play real music. Definitely want to bring one or two home.

I have no idea what these are, or what they are used for, but there was an entire shop full of them. 
I thought they were pretty cute, I just wasn't going to pay 300$ NT to get one.

Not really sure what these are either, but they make movies with them which look really lame as they are dolls.
The dolls themselves are really cool, but pretty expensive. 

and thats all for now. . .


UncleChicken said...

The second to last picture is just down right creepy.

The food you didn't eat looks delicious though. The food you did eat... not so much. I am craving Chinese food now.

The Little Schausages said...

Looks like a fun day! It's so different there! I do agree with JJ, the Chinese food does look good :)

Breanne said...

You are seriously making me miss Taiwan and I didn't know that I would miss it that much. And I was only there for 3 weeks.

I think that Starbucks overseas are the best invention ever. I almost kissed the floor of one in Singapore, I was just so glad to be somewhere that was somewhat familiar and smelled nice. =P =)

Merissa said...

These pictures are hilarious!!!!

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