Thursday, August 26, 2010

Highlights of a week gone by.

  • Singing in English alongside the kids at devotions every night, and finally getting to the point where we can goof around too!
  • Learning 3 more broken phrases of Manderin to learn to say "good-night", "you're welcome", and "good-morning".
  • Pizza and Coca-Cola for dinner, courtesy of the families who are here picking up babies.
  • Spending a morning at the beach with Abby and Jennifer and riding the waves into shore, as well as writing messages in the sand.
  • Walking to the Salex Cafe and getting an iced Mocha. Yummy!
  • Packages in the mail from halfway around the world! Letters from little hands that I'm aching to hold.
  • Having little "Pan" receive a brand new name and a brand new family.
  • Having my special chinese friend give me a chinese name which sounds close to "di-an-na"
  • Evening walks with the girls, jumping at imaginary snakes and talking about the most random things.
  • Talking to freinds and family via skype, so thankful for technology!
  • Wallpapering my bedroom with drawings and cards from my little people at home.
  • Experiencing my first earthquake, even though I slept through it.
  • Ordering icecream at 10pm from a poor old lady who didn't understand English and was closing shop.
  • Saying good-bye to 2 more babies as they head to new lives in the States.


Merissa said...

Yup! Technology is really, really cool!

Miss you loads and loads. xxx

UncleChicken said...

What a wonderful time you seem to be having. Your highlights are very 'you' and made me smile :-)

Alicia said...

It was so nice to meet you Rebbecca. I miss Taiwan so much! Titus is settling into life here and it almost feels as though he always been a part of our family. Thank you for caring for him during our absence. Looking forward to following your journey and what God has in store for your life.

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