Monday, July 12, 2010

My life in random point form

Dani's kitten
  • Happy 14th Birthday to Rachel!
  • 22 days till I leave for Taiwan
  • I am now the owner of a point-and-shoot
  • We are going Mini Golfing tonight with the "older" kids
  • Dad is gone, again
  • Philip asked me out on a date
  • There is a sever thunderstorm warning
  • I have 2 sewing projects
  • I babysat all the grandkids last week
  • I've been crafting lots
  • Philip and I won Hand and Foot last night, handily
  • I jinxed the Netherlands in the World Cup
  • I've gotten two early birthday presents this week
  • I played Mommy for the Fleming children for 3 nights
  • I watched Harry Potter (I can't believe I just admitted that)
  • Introduced the family to Julian Smith
and thats all folks . . .


dtgreene2003 said...

Ohhhh - I didn't know you had this picture of Tiff! Do you have time to send me a copy?

Only a few more days until you're gone. I'm gonna miss you so much, I feel sick just thinking about it!

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