Monday, July 19, 2010

Just so you know.

Very soon, I won't be here anymore. Somehow I think it will be stranger for me, than for you though. But if you are ever overcome with how strange it is that I am no longer among you and you wish to tell me, you are more than welcome to do so :-)

My email address will remain the same as always:

My address though, is significantly changed. Please note the changes . . .

Rebecca Denhollander
c/o Home of God's Love
Ted and Bev Skiles
PO Box 9
Lu-Tong, Taiwan
ROC 265

Yep. Its a mouthful.

I will also have skype, feel free to add me, it would be jolly good fun to be able to chat with you once in a while.
skype ID: beccadh

I would love to hear from you guys! Please don't be shy (this is especially directed to those family members who haven't been all that great it communicating when we aren't all together, but if you aren't family, you are still allowed to let this make you feel guilty too!) I will want to know how you are all doing. My birthday happens to be smack in the middle of my time in Taiwan, a perfect opportunity for you to send me a letter. If I don't get at least one birthday card from my friends and family at home, I'll be rather upset.

14 days and counting!


Polka Dot Door Designs said...

Whahhhhh! :(

Breanne said...

I already have your birthday parcel planned out. =) I figured by then you could use a care package and it will help your birthday seem a little more jolly.
Enjoy these next days with your people.=)

Merissa said...



Um.... can I come too?

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