Thursday, August 9, 2012

Project 365 : Week 9

We're still awaiting the grand entrance of baby Bam-Bam *sigh*, so I have lots of time to be uploading pictures! I have to admit, that with just Byron and I (and we lead what a lot of people would consider a fairly laid-back life), its hard to come up with a photo for everyday of the week, but while it stretches my creativity, I don't view that as a bad thing :)

1. Yes, this is the extent of our excitement some days :) My cats stalk the sheep. The woolly creatures have provided us with loads of entertainment, but I am glad that Keegan took them home again. They wouldn't stay penned and had developed a taste for garbage ....

2. I love this car, end of story. The fact that's its only one of two in Canada kind of adds to its attraction, I must admit. I can't remember what its called, but you can't miss it if you are visiting the Reynolds-Alberta museum, its sort of the exhibits pride and joy.

3. I love this man, end of story. Actually not quite,I think there is a happily-ever-after in there somewhere :) We're so enjoying our little piece of earth, even though we share it with about a million mosquito's. Although there is a ton of work to do, we're enjoying being able to do it together. Even if that means sometimes I just follow him when he does all the work ...

4. It struck me as funny the other day when we were at the "big house" how the little kids are all grown up now. These boys all used to be shorter than me, and I can remember it too! Its sure neat to watch them grow from little boys, to young men and watch as God works in their lives.

5. A scrapbook page in progress. I've been doing a lot of that these days. It helps to pass the time, there are moments when I just feel like I'm 'hanging' and waiting for the next stage in life. Have to keep reminding myself that I shouldn't be to anxious for these last few days to be over. We get to create just a few more memories as the two of us.

6. Joshua Shonwise drove up from Olds to fix all of our plumbing problems, included was replacing my electric stove with a gas range. It was rather an exciting day for me :)

7. I finally finished re-doing the antique crib for our little one, and in a few months, Jordan, since its actually hers. I started the process well before we moved from Duffield, but because of all the spindles, and the fact that I am a procrastinator, it took me way to long. But its done now and I figure that's all the baby was waiting for, a place to sleep. Hopefully this means Bam-Bam will come now :)


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