Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project 365 : Week 8

After about a one year sabbatical, and before another probably of the same length, I've decided that while I wait for baby to arrive (due date is Monday), I might as well try to be a little productive and instead of lying about on the couch feeling like a pumpkin, I am sitting at the computer still looking like a pumpkin, but at least doing something.

Back to Project X, oops, I mean Project 365 :) 

1 . Byron and I drove down to Wetaskawin today to drop of supplies for his current job and while driving encountered come pretty gorgeous clouds. These were the friendly ones. We saw a couple of funnel clouds as well, but they weren't showing up in the pictures.

2 . Byron and his partially dismantled dually. Its all put back together again and running like a top. I can't believe the things he can pull apart and put back together again ... properly. He's rather a wizard with vehicles.

3 . We had a baby robin just sitting on the fence post one afternoon. It let me get within a foot or so and though I was tempted, I resisted the urge to pick it up and adopt it, especially as the Mother bird was watching rather warily from the tree above.

4 . This is me, 8.5 months pregnant. 

5 . With moving, baby .... I didn't get the garden I was wanting, but have been able to move my little tomato plants along with us through everything. We have a total of 22 tomatoes on 18 plants, 4 of which have ripened this week. Yummy!

6 . I drove down one afternoon to see where the boys were working and snapped this photo of their job site. If I wasn't already in love with the place we are in, I might be tempted to wish to live here.

7 . Just my kittens. Poor things, they are going to be shocked when the baby arrives because currently they think they are the greatest things ever.


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