Thursday, October 21, 2010

Typhoon Megi

It has been raining everyday this month, but up until Satruday there was always a reprive at some point in the day. Apparently this is normal October weather here. So I hadn't thought to much of the rain until it started pouring the last few days, and this time its been non-stop. Since Saturday we have gotten 28 inches of rain, 10+ of which has fallen in the past 12 hours and its beginning to show. The lake just down the road has risen anywhere from 4-7 feet and roads all over the county are closed due to flooding. We're getting another typhoon . . . Typhoon Megi is only the 2nd typhoon to hit Taiwan this year. Its a slow moving storm off the west coast of the island, its only moving 7 kms an hour and it hasn't even reached the southern tip of Taiwan yet. They are estimating that at this rate it will take over a week to swing past and continue on its way to China where its expected to make landfall. The bulk of the storm is still to come, which is going to be very interesting to see as already the country as slowed to an almost standstill. School ended early today so the parents could come get their kids before all the roads closed down.

Yilan County is expected to be hit the worst of all Taiwan, which just happens to be the area that the Home is situated. Its kind of exciting. But I am sure it won't be after the power and internet go out which is usually a matter of course when typhoons hit. We're just hoping that it doesn't flood bad enough that we need to move all the babies upstairs or something. So far there hasn't been any flooding near the Home, but who knows?

Some pictures for you. Keep in mind this is really only the first day of torrential rains. Theres a lot more rains to come!

This is usually a dry riverbed.

The water is usually 3 feet below this dock.
and this is the view from our roof. Its pretty wet everywhere!

and I just found out . . . about 30 minutes away there is some flooding that is 2 stories high! If you could keep us in your prayers that that sort of flooding doesn't happen here, it would be greatly appreciated!


Merissa said...

Miss you lots dear girl, and am counting down the days till your return!


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