Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Taiwan 10.07 Highlights

  • Staying up late with the girls (ie: 2am!) discussing everything under the sun.
  • Visiting the Cultural Center, again and discovering that it just gets better.
  • Ritz crackers with brown sugar candy in between.
  • Overcast skies for 3 days and much cooler weather. So cool in fact that we all donned jeans and some of the girls are even wearing jackets.
  • Meeting Timothy's parents and watching them fall in love with his big grin.
  • Having the Georke Gang here for 10 days from the States. Yeah for clean windows and all the help they have been!
  • Introducing the family to Elijah and finding that they think he's as cute as I do.
  • Finding my camera again after 24 hours of not knowing where it was.
  • Watching the watershow at night down by the lake.
  • Finding that I really do miss Ted, Bev, and Anna who are gone for a few days. What am I going to do when they are gone for over a week?
  • Discovering that being sick abroad is twice as un-fun as it is at home.
  • Building deeper and much more meaningful relationships with people on so many more levels than I thought could/would happen.
  • Riding in a taxi twice within a week! 
  • David comes in less than a month. There is so much here that I am excited for him to see.
  • Finding out that Ava's parents are coming soon, and Kwen has his courtdate soon too!
  • Meeting a family of giant snails and finding that I'm not the only one who thinks snails are kind of cute.
  • While sitting on a wall, the four of us girls counted that we had our picture taken at least a dozen times within a half-hour by people who were pretending to be watching the other scenery. Hurrah for being the circus side-show!
  • Loving the babies more and more . . . 
  • Thrilled that I only have a month left, yet sad for the very same reason.


Merissa said...

I love this type of post. It helps me feel like I'm there with you. =)

Love you!

readyforkarli said...
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readyforkarli said...

Jeans and jackets, really?? I can't imagine! Glad you are enjoying your time!
Wendy Fowler (Jackson's mommy)

Chantel said...

I like snails too! :)

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