Friday, September 10, 2010

Taiwan 09.10 Highlights

I could tell you what has been happening. But its easier to show you . . .

1. Abbey left on the 31st of August.
  Bev, Abbey, and Showhwa

2. Mei-Li went home to the States with her Mom and Dad

Mei-Li and Showhwa

3. Gabrielle arrived the 1st from Missouri
Gabrielle and Kwen

4. We spent the day out last week and found the best Italian Restaurant, spaghetti and garlic toast for $3!

Jennifer and I at said restaurant.

5. Visited this Taoist temple near the Home (its the largest of its kind in Taiwan) with . . . 


and Gabrielle.

view from the temple . . . 
I try to bike around this lake everyday. In the background in Lu-Dong, 
and to the left of that main road you can see, just hidden from view is the Home of God's Love.

there have been other things happening of course! But those would be the highlights of the last 10 days or so. Its hard to believe that I am almost half way through my time here at the home. Its flying by much faster than I thought it would . . . Tomorrow we get a new baby, my birthday is on monday, another volunteer comes in on Thursday . . . it will be busy again!

Thanks for keeping me in your prayers, they are greatly appreciated.


Breanne said...

Love that you found an Italian restaurant, familiar food is so good when you haven't had it for awhile. =) You are so cute in that picture. Love it. Praying for you...

Merissa said...

Missing you.

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