Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project 365 - Week 6

and she`s back ... to the blog world that is. Also to Salmon Arm if you would like to be technical about these details :-) I have had a rather eventful two weeks, I do not anticipate having such an eventful two weeks again until maybe a little bit closer to the beginning of September. Then life will become very  busy and wonderful and everything nice as I will be spending some quality time with my best friend and he does have the best ideas for having an exciting life.

{one} : Baby Kids
We always have lots of kids running around the place, but especially right now with the added 4-legged variety. I wish goats stayed this cute all the time. Unfortunately for these little guys, they will grow up to be ugly, stinky, and not very well liked. So we snap a picture to remember them by and in a few days they will be on their way to a new home .... Welcome to life on a (hobby) farm!

{two} : Baby Hannah
I seem to have left my Ellie-Bell in Alberta, but as long as I allow her to sleep, Hannah does not seem to mind being the subject of a few photographs. I really have the cutest nephews and nieces in the whole world. They are so equally cute that its really rather hard to say which one is cutest :-)

{three} : Books on a Dresser
The reading is better than the picture, because the picture is rather boring but the magazines and books are quite interesting.

{four} : Home Again!
Of all the kids, Esther just might be the most glad about being home in Salmon Arm. I think she found small acreage living a little cramping for her very (unique and lovable) style. Crisco seems rather content to have us home again as well, she hardly moves from the front door where she knows someone will be coming out very soon!

{five} : The Princess and the ... Prince
Well, a prince in disguise anyways. This is Rapunzel and Prince Charming, even though I tried to tell them that the hero`s name is actually Flynn Rider, Benjamin did not think that was nearly romantic enough. They were off to go build a castle I believe ...

{six} : Boys being Boys
Junur is fixing the waterfall on the pond, it faced the wrong direction so the plan is that now we can see it when we sit out on the deck. Philip has been helping him and he rather likes the responsibility. The last couple weeks with moving and everything Philip has grown up a bit more. He certiably is beginning to think of himself of one of the big boys, pretty soon I am going to have to start thinking of him as one too.

{seven} : Grumpy
Someone has the chicken pox and that same someone is not very happy about it. All the kids from Miriam down have gotten them but Anna probably has as many as all the other kids had combined. She is so spotted, poor thing. Hopefully it clears up in a day or so.